Zero for Conduct Zine is born!

Zero for Conduct is Flick Harrison’s new zine of counter-film.

(get it!)

I still need to get a waxer – this issue feels a little too perfect for me, I only did one drawing and the rest was laid out in Indesign.


Interviews with

Reg Harkema on Leslie, My Name is Evil
Jeff Carter on Inside Passage
Tom Scholte on Crime
plus Waiting for Sancho and more!

I created it to try and rekindle some kind of underground film thing in Vancouver that I think is, well, just a bit TOO underground. This year’s Vancouver International Film Festival was the kicker for me, I finally felt like taking part again, having worked on two of the films screening, and a recent visit to a Zine fair / comics show at the Vancouver Art Gallery reminded me that it is really all about just getting it done.

An outsider might not see the connections between these films – but “Waiting For Sancho” was colour-corrected by myself, after “Leslie, My Name is Evil’s” Reg Harkema hooked me up with Mark Peransen. Mark used the same post sound mixer, Mark Benoit, as Tom Scholte used for “Crime”, and Jeff Carter, the sound recordist / designer for “Crime” was the filmmaker of “Inside Passage” – for which I also created a title shot.

This is the kind of intimate network that makes film thrive. And I love hanging around the fest with a bag full of Zero for Conducts, spreading the word on stuff I dig.

Zero for Conduct is available in hardcopy or as a pdf download.

To get the zine harcopy:


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