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Georgia Straight preview of Extra Extra

There’s an interview in the Georgia Straight with Judith Garay, choreographer of the dance piece, Extra Extra, for which I’m making video… “Known for her abstract yet compelling choreography, Garay‚Äôs latest project is a typically comprehensive undertaking, employing as it does 10 dancers, a sample-heavy score from electronic composer Ted Hamilton, and a video collage […]

Vancouver Drawdown festival photos!

Josh Hite and Flick Harrison mentored some volunteer photographers at the Vancouver Drawdown this past weekend – if you don’t know the event, it’s the first one ever, and the photos should explain it all. There was a Chalk Drop at community centres around the city, and various free public drawing stations to draw dancers, […]

Live From a Bush of Ghosts

Just finished a promo trailer for Theatre Conspiracy‘s new show, Live From a Bush of Ghosts. The trick was to capture live video projections, two dj’s, and a dancer. And FYI, the HD fullscreen settings on Vimeo look AWESOME. Live from a Bush of Ghosts demo from Flick Harrison.

Bike Film Fest call for entries

Now that I’m writing about cinema for Momentum magazine, please send me all your bike film stories and information! That doesn’t just mean movies about bikes, it means cycling artists / filmmakers as well. Momentum is about the self-propelled lifestyle, from environmental, economic and political stuff to social, fashion and health angles – so if […]

Indie Writers Deathmatch!

I submitted a story to the Indie Writers Deathmatch at Broken Pencil Magazine this week! I’m posting this in a bid to get the jump on my competition by seizing the search-engine high ground. I wrote a science fiction short called “Pangea’s Edge” which takes place in Surrey 2040. You, my fellow travellers, will help […]

Tomorrow Collective video online

I just made a new promo for the Tomorrow Collective’s Brief Encounters show. Looking at the whole montage together, it’s awesome – so many different art forms, so much bizarre mash-up entertainment! The show puts pairs of artists together for the first time, with two weeks to create a live performance for a 3-night show […]

Zero for Conduct Zine is born!

Zero for Conduct is Flick Harrison’s new zine of counter-film. (get it!) I still need to get a waxer – this issue feels a little too perfect for me, I only did one drawing and the rest was laid out in Indesign. IN THIS ISSUE: Interviews with Reg Harkema on Leslie, My Name is Evil […]

Stephen Harper – the Conservative octopus

Enjoy and share! I thought it was high time we all remembered the crazy old days when Stephen Harper was baiting the public service, muzzling his subordinates and generally NOT wearing warm fuzzy sweaters. The new ad in which he talks about cracking down on crime in a soft, throaty voice reminded me of the […]

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