Some Work by Flick

A bike book review. An experiment in casual filmmaking by Flick Harrison, using his new 360-degree camera…
Shot with in Insta360 One X camera, and cut with Insta360 Studio 2019 and Final Cut Pro X.
Music by the fabulous Clancy Dennehy!
A video about the Social Shift, a change in thinking about how to spend your organization’s money with an eye towards the social benefits of your suppliers.
Made by Polity for Common Good Solutions, Buy Social Canada, and Realize Strategies.
Please turn on the English subtitles for this video
This is the english version. Version francais (avec sous-titres & textes) disponible ici:

In-depth interviews (best viewed on desktop) with senior and mid-career artists on the unique qualities of their own histories and their thinking on creative practice as it relates to socially-engaged art and community-engagement.

The Art for Social Change (ASC) Web: an online interactive teaching and learning resource for community-engaged participatory arts
ASC! researchers, Judith Marcuse and Flick Harrison, designed the ASC Web for students as well as experienced community-engaged arts practitioners. This rich online interactive resource provides informative videos of exchanges that touch on key frames: facilitation skills, games and exercises, teaching and learning, working between cultures, questions about arts-based practices and workshops…
Flick Harrison’s “DOA-RIP” is a meditation on 3D television and the Na’vi that takes James Cameron’s medium and smashes it into his message. With support from VIVO Media Arts Centre.
As digital has replaced analogue video these last few years, I’ve gathered many working CRT-TV’s entirely for free. These once-pricey commodities now represent a burden on their owners so great that they were forced to give them to me through Craigslist.
I’ve also photographed dozens of TV’s found in alleyways, abandoned in hopes of someone wanting them, or in the lazy haste to upgrade to digital. Once on the street, they fall prey to scavengers who break them apart for the valuable materials inside. The resulting found sculptures show how beautiful the end of the environment can be: colour-coded obsolete inputs, toxic sparkles, mysterious crystalline curtains.
A promo video for the Some Assembly Theatre production of How Star Wars Saved My Life
Is it a music video? Is it a cat video? Is it all about cat camera adventures? Yes, yes and yes!
I met Leah through the Art and Social Change class at SFU… we had a blast making this with the Dogtek Eyenimal pet camera but Buster P Kitten lost it after a few outings. If you find it, email me!
A short video I created with my class at SFU: Art and Social Change, with Judith Marcuse and Lynn Fels.
We made an installation of shopping carts and tents with projectors in them.
This video was shot at VFS where some students were making a spec PSA about housing for the homeless. I agreed to act in their video in exchange for them allowing me to film myself being made up to play a homeless person.
The conversation about homelessness is limited to the visual aesthetic by the demands of film production.
Music Video for The Strange Magic, from their new album “Songs to Burn.”
Shot at the Railway Club and Lamplighter Pub in Vancouver. The amazing archival footage comes from
Check them out at:
What happens when you organize a protest against the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, an organization that seeks to transform this area into a trade block? Same as when you organize a protest anywhere….
An experimental dance of dream-logic, war and romance. A carnivalesque, dream-state manifesto: Inner life implies inner birth and inner death. Dance, like video, composes in time and space. Produced with the Tomorrow Collective for Brief Encounters
I made this in Baluchistan (Balochistan) in 1998.
From 1994 – Bordertown moves from the Mexico-US frontier, where people run the gauntlet of the US Border Patrol, to San Diego, to Washington, D.C., to Ottawa, and finally to Cornwall, Ontario, where formerly well-paid factory workers now work part-time in bingo parlours.
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