Media Artist

(Death of Analogue,
Rest in Pieces)
a multi-modal artwork about
the transition to

I merge electronic media – analog, digital, new and obsolete. I capture and generate, draw and edit, delete and revert to make video, cinema, outsider art, documentary, propaganda, and comedy. I focus on the cinematic moment and its mise-en-scene as both the tool and product.

The VR Puppet Theatre 
at New Media Gallery,
New Westminster

Illegality and counter-culture converge in a Propaganda of Confusion where doubt and commitment are simultaneous.
I blow up the aesthetics of political conflict into noisy, grainy, beautiful confusion. I’m not afraid to ask the wrong questions or give the wrong answer. I see every boundary as an invitation, and every open door as a trap. My favourite place is a collision between economics, politics and culture.

I challenge both the punk youth who rejects dogma, and the old rebel who never became cynical, to stay true to their indecision and regret their greatest successes. When I change my mind, I taste the most dangerous freedom. Certainties crumble while chaos coalesces into focus.

When I create art, media accumulates around me on a theme until it has its own identity as a unit. From that creative and contemplative research I hone the idea down to the core of its theme and then declare it done.

Visuals for 
The Fine Line~
twisted angels,
by Dancers Dancing,
Judith Garay