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I just made a new promo for the Tomorrow Collective’s Brief Encounters show. Looking at the whole montage together, it’s awesome – so many different art forms, so much bizarre mash-up entertainment!

The show puts pairs of artists together for the first time, with two weeks to create a live performance for a 3-night show at the Anza club. I did one with Take 5 and it was the most challenging creative thing I’ve ever done.

Launched in November
2005, Brief Encounters is
an ongoing performance
series designed to push
boundaries and fuse
artistic practices.

The Tomorrow Collective
Jennifer McLeish-Lewis,
Mara Branscombe and
Katy Harris-McLeod.

the artists:

Cris Derkson
Norman Lalonde
(hair dresser)

Stephana Arnolds
(ballet dancer)
Alex Usow
(graphic designer)

Timothy Wisdom
Heather Pawsey
(opera singer)

Jen Oleksiuk
(hip-hop dancer)
Duane Howard
(plains grass dancer)

Vin Arora
Alex Ferguson
(theatre artist)

Jay Hirabayashi
(butoh dancer)
Sylvia DeTar
(bagpipe player)

Dianna David
(dance artist)
Jacob Richmond

Patricia Kim
Hilary Peach
(Audio Poet)

Marta Jaciubek McKeever
Jessica de Haas
(fashion designer)

Todd Baiden
Tanya Marquardt

Namchi Bazar
(Indo-fusion dancer)
Brendan McLeod
(spoken word artist)

Skeena Reece
(ceremonialist performer)
Jesse Scott
(video artist)

Anne Cooper
(contemporary dancer)
Ndidi Onukuwulu

Amber Funk-Barton
(Contemporary Dancer)
Alf Hunter
(Chemical Engineer)

Bonnie Soon
(Taiko Drummer)
(Beat Boxer)

Cameron Latimer
(Singer / Songwriter)
Stephen Wichuk
(Animation Artist)

Chengxin Wei
(Contemporary / Classical
Chinese Dancer)
Tarun Nayar
(Tabla Player / DJ)

Josh Beamish
(Ballet / Jazz Dancer)
John Korsurd
(Trumpet Player)

Graham Clarke
Jennifer Bishop
(Tap Dancer)

Vanessa Richards
(Interdisciplinary Artist)
Prophecy Sun
(Performance Artist)

Jackie Essombe
(African Dancer)
Tal Iozef
(Hip-Hop Dancer)

Flick Harrison
Take 5
(Graffiti Artist)

Antoine Joseph
(Hip-Hop Dancer)
Yvette Narlock
(Singer / Songwwriter)

Delia Brett
(Contemporary Dancer)
Tamara Unroe

Marc Generoso
(Hip-Hop Dancer)
Mark Brennan

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