Critical Mass February Vancouver

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I think I have frostbite in my little toes.  But it was worth it to Critically Mass.

I also did an interview with, a new online / local news service, about the question of whether critical mass is needed in the New World of Bike Lanes.  I’ll post that when it’s written up.

The big question today was – what would become of the pseudo-counter-mass which was meant to draw riders off into the bike lanes, to celebrate them and avoid angering the Easily-Angered Car Gods??  Well, it looked like there wasn’t much of an issue – Jamie Ollivier  was there, doing his thing, and the main Mass did ours.

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  1. Hey Flick,
    It was great to meet you yesterday! I enjoyed engaging the few folks who came to see what we were doing. I have respect for what you guys are doing and I hope you realize that we are on the same side.
    I don’t know if anyone heard my cbc interview, but a gave some background information on CM to the listeners and talked about the history etc. I actually gave a pretty positive background on CM and in fact helped bring awareness about the core issues surround the ride. CBC pitched my interview as a “Fight” in the teaser, but that was something they chose to do (i’m sure to get people to tune in).
    I am simply taking a position that I now care more about the bike lanes than I do about Critical Masses potential to help us move forward as a community.
    As previously stated, I hope to attract families and moderates to the event, which will only make things better for all involved.

    Peace baby!

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