Extraction is in the works

After two years of research and planning, Theatre Conspiracy is digging into the creation of the documentary-style play Extraction. Our international cast and team of theatre artists are in residence at The Cultch in Vancouver for the next couple of weeks to experiment before a work-in-progress presentation at Your Kontinent: Richmond International Film & Media […]

Vancouver Drawdown festival photos!

Josh Hite and Flick Harrison mentored some volunteer photographers at the Vancouver Drawdown this past weekend – if you don’t know the event, it’s the first one ever, and the photos should explain it all. There was a Chalk Drop at community centres around the city, and various free public drawing stations to draw dancers, […]

Bike Film Fest call for entries

Now that I’m writing about cinema for Momentum magazine, please send me all your bike film stories and information! That doesn’t just mean movies about bikes, it means cycling artists / filmmakers as well. Momentum is about the self-propelled lifestyle, from environmental, economic and political stuff to social, fashion and health angles – so if […]

How to Carry a Cat on a Bike

Since the weather’s so awesome for biking, I think you should all check out the latest issue of Momentum in which I demonstrate how to carry a cat on a bike. What never made it into the issue is the fact that this was Spooky’s first and final ride.  We were taking her to the […]

Flick writes for Momentum!

I finally got recruited to write for Momentum, the magazine for self-propelled people. I wrote a book review in each of their last two issues: The Wheels of Chance by HG Wells and Urban Biker’s Tips and Tricks By Dave (Mr. Bike) Glowacz Both pretty awesome books! I could go on about them here, one […]

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