Monkey Warfare Vancouver Premiere photos

Now that I’ve found the limits on (“we are unable to let you skip any more songs this month due to licensing agreements.” Huh!?!?!) I have time to post other business.

Here’s some pics from the premiere of Monkey Warfare at Empire cinemas in Vancouver, handed over by Ifny but shot by David Repa. This is Ifny of Pedal Revolutionaries (who has just posted her podcast of the MONKEY WARFARE INTERVIEW), Alan MacInnes of Discorder’s Cinema Aspirant, Reg Harkema, the director, and me, Flick Harrison.

We ended up being ballyhooed (?) by the MC3 chopper gang who tootled around outside the cinema on their amazing custom-chopped bikes.

The screening was marred by an ad for a car (the bike folks jeered) and a rock-video-like ad for the Canadian Armed Forces. Yeesh! Talk about bad product placement.

The MOLOTOV COCKTAIL SCENE seems to have gotten nixed from cinemas, though the Globe and Mail and Vancouver Sun both report having seen it. Go figure. It might have something to do with screening tapes or press viewings at the film festivals, which those folks usually see far in advance, but Katherine Monk in the sun seems to believe it’s actually in the theatres somewhere. Go figure.

Then again, it might have to do with projectionists who aren’t keeping their eyes out for post-credit scenes, and putting the auto-marker tape on the print the moment they see the last credit fade out, instead of reeling ahead to make sure it’s ACTUALLY OVER. Is it really THAT crazy to have a post-credits sequence?

The show was great, and Reg wasn’t on Mushrooms like he was at his Toronto screening (at least as far as I can tell; he is a pretty freaky dude and this pic seems to be mushroom-inspiring, if not inspired).

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