Monkey Warfare prize!

So Monkey Warfare is showing at Vancouver International Film Fest on Sept 30 and Oct 1! Details here at VIFF’s page.

Also, there’s a new Monkey Warfare official website. Yay for top-level domain names! The page automatically plays the awesome Weird War song that usually runs through my head about six-seven hours per day now.

And finally, Monkey Warfare got a Special Jury Award at the Toronto International Film Festival 2006!

Apparently the jury didn’t stay through the credits. Heh heh heh. So they missed the best part.

Fromthe interview with Reginald Harkema in the GLOBE AND MAIL:

“Harkema, a B.C. native, said afterwards: “Gee, I guess I’m not gonna buy that huge hunk of hash [hashish] I was dreaming about,” – an echo of director Bruce McDonald’s statement that “$25,000 is going to buy me a chunk of hash,” when his feature Roadkill took the Toronto-City prize in 1989.”


I love that they had to explain that hash is hashish. Really? Ya don’t say!

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