Monkey Warfare, Molotovs, and Me

Triumph and Tragedy for Monkey Warfare, Reg Harkema’s new urban-geurilla comedy starring Don McKellar.

For some reason, the lawyers finally nixed my scene (see video below) from the film, in which I (in french) explain how to safely make a molotov cocktail so y’all won’t blow yerself up. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know french to get it. Hey, it’s fiction, right? Remember “The Great Train Robbery,” an early silent that was nearly banned for showing, in full detail, how to rob a train?

Monkey Warfare got into the Toronto International Film Festival, but it’s unclear whether my scene will show, even at festivals.

Forward and circulate, please!!

Flick Harrison

(click the bottom-right button on the vid to get full size)

molotov cocktail scene

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