So I just finished working on Monkey Warfare, Reginald Harkema’s new film starring Don McKellar!

I will play a small part after the closing credits – a surprise safety video, if you will, in the context of urban guerillaism. The hint is that my script came from Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Click the bottom-right button to enlarge the video, and don’t forget to read the BIG SCOOP ABOUT THIS SCENE:

There’s more about MONKEY WARFARE on the website… still in post-production so it’s only a tease…

4 Replies to “MONKEY WARFARE”

  1. Is just so saaaad:

    what IS he thinking? He has promos on the ROGERS Cable lineup for chrissake, but can’t figure out how to put the trailer or something in YOUTUBE?


    Its shit like this that keeps Canadian content in Canada.

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced

  2. As a person who grew from the 60’s to now, I thought the movie stunk. I can’t stand that Toronto elitism in there movies. By the way who were the Vancouver 5?

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