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Live From a Bush of Ghosts

February 17, 2009 Flick 0

Just finished a promo trailer for Theatre Conspiracy‘s new show, Live From a Bush of Ghosts. The trick was to capture live video projections, two […]

The Autonomy Complex

November 18, 2006 Flick 0

Flick Harrison’s short film trilogy, The Autonomy Complex, will have its first test screening at the Gumboot on the Sunshine Coast on Monday, November 20th, […]

More Marie Tyrell press

May 23, 2006 Flick 0

Marie Tyrell gets yakked about in an interview with New-York-based Heyoka Magazine by artist John LeKay. Thanks to Jody Franklin for the hookup.

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March 11, 2006 Flick 2

Har har – there’s actually a page about my character on the Battlestar Wikipedia site. Whooda thunk a little character like me would draw such […]