The Autonomy Complex

Flick Harrison’s short film trilogy, The Autonomy Complex, will have its first test screening at the Gumboot on the Sunshine Coast on Monday, November 20th, presented by Black Cat productions!

Film screens @ 7:30pm. Doors open @ 7:00pm. Admission $6.
Coffee, tea, juice, snacks, and deserts available. Fully licensed.
More info @ 886-2780 or
at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek

Presented by filmmaker Flick Harrison

The Autonomy Complex
~ a video trilogy ~

Flick Harrison’s video trilogy is a Canadian nationalist sitcom, an international socialist documentary, and a personal anarchist experiment. Together they form a sweeping picture of political complexity and the tricky balance between freedom and equality: a propaganda of confusion.

Freeworld is set in the year 2023 after Canada is annexed by the USA. Hiroko Doko, arrested for fleeing the draft, is sent into the wilderness with Hedwing, a determined slacker, to capture a loony robot.

Camels Turbans Guns is a documentary made in Pakistan in 1998, just after the mutual nuclear-test showdown with India. It explores the tribal, stone-hut lifestyle of the Baluchi nomads (embroiled today in an armed uprising). Still fiercely independent, they face an encroaching triple-threat of organized Islam, foreign aid and American military

Based on a short story by DM Fraser, Marie Tyrell is an experimental drama about an activist on death row, told through her lover’s songs, her teenage diaries, and her prison psych report. Also an interactive documentary, it allows an interrogation the politics and the film’s own production. With original footage of Noam Chomsky, Svend Robinson, Scott Ritter, the Woodwards squat, Larry Campbell, and Stephen Osbourne.

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