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App Store Fix: Unable to update free apps.

I couldn’t update iMovie today at the lab where I work.  It just said: “Update unavailable with this Apple ID This update is for an app downloaded with a different Apple ID. Sign in with that Apple ID and try again.” I tried deleting the half-downloaded app from the Applications folder, restarting the computer, and […]

Introduction to Final Cut Pro @ VIVO Media Arts

VIVO has not disappeared, it’s just gone underground while the landlord laughs and the City of Vancouver steps in to the rescue. I’m teaching my very popular Final Cut Pro X workshop there on July 12th, now EXTENDED by one hour to fill you up with Apply goodness. Total 4 hours (Saturday, July 12th, 1-5pm) […]

Long-term archiving projects for Final Cut Pro X

I wrote this email to Larry Jordan, author of the famous + awesome training website for video editors.  I was wondering how the new Library structure in FCPX 10.1 would hobble the economical archivist in me.  Since I end up doing some explaining and pontificating, and his answer is very useful, I figure I should […]

Summer video camp for teens at VIVO

Video Revolution! Making your message (click above for the application form and contact info) August 5-9, 2013 9 AM-4 PM Final Exhibition: Friday, August 9, 4:30-6 PM ¡VIVO la revolución! Youth ages 13-18 are invited to spend a week at VIVO immersed in the hands-on creation of documentaries, news, commercials, music videos, public service announcements, […]

Software of the Spectacle

Final Cut Pro X means Apple has abandoned professional artists by Flick Harrison Guy Debord said that the main function of our society is now the production of spectacle. The spectacle alienates us from life and each other. Facebook, for instance, transforms our relationships into images of those relationships, mediated by Facebook’s own hidden desires. […]

Sold on Open

That’s a figure of speech, of course, because Open Office is the FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.  I’ve been toying with it in Ubuntu on my XO laptop, and then installed it on my Mac G5 once I realized that X11 (the interface for Linux apps) came pre-installed on OSX 10.5.  I like that O.O. […]

Solved by Flick!! Pandora / Adblock plus / Firefox bug

I made Cathy happy by solving her Pandora problems! It took some fiddling, so I thought I might share it with y’all. web music station was behaving erratically on my girlfriend’s 800Mhz ibook g4, OS 10.3.9 (osx) with firefox 1.5 . The flash interface kept disappearing. Moving the mouse around would cause bits of […]

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