Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary 360 Photos

This weekend I went on an expedition hosted by The Only Animal to the Bear Sanctuary on the sunshine coast, in an old-growth rain forest which hasn’t been in a fire for 3000 years. We saw Culturally Modified Trees (where indigenous people had stripped bark to produce blankets, etc) and bear dens (hollow trees where the black bears will hibernate in the winter).

This area is slated to be sold for clear cutting this fall, and Elphinstone Logging Focus is trying to drum up opposition to prevent this from happening. Here’s a photo embedded into this blog by WordPress itself:

Here’s a 360 view (click and drag to look around) from our trip, or you can see a map and the whole 360 gallery HERE. Remember to use your mouse wheel or touch pad to zoom in and out, drag with your mouse to look around, and try the tools at top right to see different views. It was an amazing place, and seeing it in 360 is almost the only way for a picture to do justice to the amazing sights there.

More to follow as the campaign to save the Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary gets momentum going into the fall.

I played with posting on ROUNDME where tours are easy to set up, but setting the initial POV is a bit of a pain and often fails completely. Dang!

Then I tread the Insta360 One X community, which is nice quality but forces me to use my phone and it’s therefore clunky, plus I can’t group things together.

So I tried SeekBeak which is pretty cool, might be worth a paid plan, although I think I’d almost get tempted to do Real Estate photos once I spent money…

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And there’s always boring old Facebook, which works too but is boring and limited:

Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary 360 Photos

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