Fine Line: Twisted Angels at VIDF

I’ve been playing with Wii controllers, teddy bears and night vision cameras for this show at the Vancouver International Dance Festival.  Check it out March 19+20  at the Roundhouse…


March 19 & 20, 8PM @ The Roundhouse

Dancers Dancing (Vancouver)

The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels

Using movement, sound, and image veteran Vancouver choreographer Judith Garay examines how we perceive our internal and external worlds. Through ephemeral and sometimes transformative movement, interwoven with the music of Patrick Pennefather and video by Flick Harrison, Garay builds a study of sense and cognition that encompasses everything from addiction to hypnagogic hallucinations, and synesthesia in a profound and compelling work. The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels is a work grounded in personal experience that engages with the fragility of existence and risks a deep, dark journey to bring forth internal experience onto the stage.

Known for its passion and technical excellence, Dancers Dancing has been producing and touring full length works since its founding in 1999 under the artistic direction of Judith Garay. A former principal dancer of the Martha Graham Dance Company, and currently a member of the dance faculty at the Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts, Ms. Garay has choreographed more than 40 works performed in Canada, the USA, and Europe through more than thirty years of creation.

Post show talk back facilitated by Josh Hite on March 19.

Choreography: Judith Garay
Performance: Vanessa Goodman, Bevin Poole, and Antonio Somera
Music: Patrick Pennefather
Video: Flick Harrison
Costumes: Margaret Jenkins
Lighting Design: John Macfarlane

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