Teen Summer Video Activist Camp @ VIVO

Video Revolution! Making your message

August 5-9, 2013
9 AM-4 PM
Final Exhibition: Friday, August 9, 4:30-6 PM

¡VIVO la revolución!

Youth ages 13-18 are invited to spend a week at VIVO immersed in the hands-on creation of documentaries, news, commercials, music videos, public service announcements, viral videos and/or other mediums for creating persuasive messaging. Use the powerful world of video to get your message out there.

This one-week intensive is ideal youth interested in media arts, video and filmmaking, and activism. Students will find and share examples of how digital media is used to influence what we buy, what we do, what we think and who we are through the internet, social media, TV and advertising. With increased media literacy and an understanding of techniques used to powerfully tell a story, students will script, shoot, edit and disseminate their own stories about the issues they care about.

Camp participants will have total access to VIVO Media Arts Centre’s extensive video production equipment and facilities. They will then learn how to make quality videos using state-of-the-art professional technology and easily accessible indie gear, from professional cameras to cell phones. Students will leave with the skills to create video projects after the camp has ended. Final projects and the exhibition can also be useful for building a portfolio for university applications.

The camp is limited to only 14 students, allowing much individual attention and project support. Students will be working collaboratively and will be encouraged to think critically and take artistic risks.

VIVO has a 40-year history of supporting independent artist and activist film and video. This camp celebrates this legacy and passes these skills on to the next generation of creators and change makers.

Final Exhibition
This program ends with an exhibition, where family and friends will have the opportunity to see what has been created during the week. This final exhibition and screening will take place Friday, August 9, 4:30-6 PM at VIVO, 1965 Main Street, Vancouver.


Flick Harrison
Flick is a self-made nobody, a renegade artist, an underpreneur, a premiere Vancouver poorfessional, and now a member of the Sunset Community artists-in-residence “Something Collective.” His film, theatre, video, acting, writing and camera work has been seen by millions, been nominated and won awards internationally, and slipped into, under and through almost every Canadian funding niche. Chretien’s chief strategist Warren Kinsella called Flick “offensive” and “unfair,” the Globe and Mail called him “hilarious,” and the Georgia Straight called his work “gorgeously sophisticated.” His work includes teaching media art to kids, engaging community through art, designing projections for theatre and dance, and international journalism and criticism. http://www.flickharrison.com/

Frances Breden
Fran has been teaching filmmaking since 2009 at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. She started as a volunteer at VIVO and climbed the ranks. She especially enjoys Super 8, which she processes in her basement.

Tuition: $525+GST | Optional lunch plan: $50
Register your child for the week-long youth video/media workshop now!


We require that parents or guardians sign a waiver for participants of workshops. Please download the waiver here and bring to the first class.

Important: Please review our general information and policies. 

Full and partial scholarships are available. Include the completed scholarship application with your registration form. Scholarship recipients are selected based on their interest in the camp subject. Preference will be given to applicants with financial need. Applicants will be notified by email or phone within one week of receipt of their application. Click below to download the scholarship application.

Teen Summer Video Activist Camp @ VIVO

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