Hébert: Radio-Canada’s days as talent incubator may be over

“…While talent is an undeniable part of the mix, nurturing has a lot to do with the result. And the Quebec film industry’s success is due in no small part to Radio-Canada’s role as an incubator.”

Hébert is one of Canada’s most astute political writers.  Today she does a really good analysis of how arts funding, including public broadcast funding, lead indirectly to impact around the world and commercial box-office success.

The Conservative argument says that artists should give up and get a job if they can’t sell their work from day one, and that government subsidies are for losers. This is disproved in Hébert’s story about La Course: Destination Monde, a Radio-Canada show from the 90’s that nurtured all kinds of successful filmmakers.

I was on Road Movies, the English-language knock-off of La Course.  It was non-competitive, and it only ran one season, but such is the permanent state of Anglo Canadian culture.  Nothing gets traction in the landslide of American product; in fact, I can’t even find a good web link for the title of that show.  The funding ended after one year and the money for English-Canadian culture seems to have been sliding downwards ever since.

Quebec sustains its cultural industries with constant, full-spectrum support and a dedicated audience, and Harper’s attempt to pull funding away from all but the most obviously vital parts of the culture industry should scare us all.

Canada News: Hébert: Radio-Canada’s days as talent incubator may be over – thestar.com.


Hébert: Radio-Canada’s days as talent incubator may be over

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