Broken Pencil reviews my zine Zero for Conduct!

At last! A review of my zine in Broken Pencil! I guess I gave up after about a year of poking through BP (which is always worthwhile, narcissistic satisfaction or no). And then I came up in a google alert… today. A year after the review went up online. I guess google doesn’t like its old friend BP enough to drop by for a robot crawl on a reasonable basis.

Then again, the zine world works at its own pace, doesn’t it?  Like, ZFC is over a year and a half old, and no second issue.

Anyway, someone liked the zine.  I guess I should make another one…

My favourite reaction, when I tell people I’ve got a zine, is when they say, “Send me a link!” and I say “What link?  It’s a hardcopy.  As in, print.”  And they boggle a little.  Now it’s up in pdf on the web, so I guess that’s moot at this point.

You can buy the zine or download it HERE.

-Flick Harrison

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