VanKino open-mic film screenings

n43312898967_399It’s nice to see a few regular film screening events pop up in Vancouver lately.  This one is the first Sunday of every month at 1181 Davie Street, otherwise known as Tight Lounge.

This could be interesting. After spotting it on Craigslist, then followed to facebook and finally to the international website, I have NO IDEA hat to make of them.  Sounds like a cool network: there are “cells” in various cities around the world.
Here’s the posting:


“Kino” is the Greek word for “movement” and means “film” or “the cinema” in Russian, German and other languages. Born in Montréal in 1998, Kino began as a challenge, made by founding filmmaker Christian Laurence to his friends, to make one short film per month until the year 2000. However, at the end of this period no one wanted to stop and, in fact, Kino had formed into a movement that encouraged filmmakers in groups scattered across Montréal and Europe to “do well with nothing; do even better with a little,” and—most importantly—to “do it right now!”

Now VANKINO is part of a network that spans over 50 groups on five continents, with upstarts in other parts of Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Finland, Bénin, Sénégal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia. The international Kino network thrives by facilitating travel among the groups (we think of it as a filmmaker exchange program) and compiling our films so that they are screened across many Kino groups and as part of Kino programs in other film festivals internationally. In particular, we collaborate internationally to hold “Kabarets,” which are extravaganzas of filmmaking that last only 48 hours and culminate in public screenings of the pieces that were produced.

VANKINO is 100% run by volunteers who share the same vision. The donations will be used to reimburse promotion expenses and the future purchase of screening equipment for the organization.

VanKino has its monthly screenings of local and international short movies on the first Sunday of each month at 1181 Davie Street at 5pm.

Come to show your short movies or just have a drink and enjoy the show!

The Rules!

1. Movies must be 5 minutes or less (let organizers know if your movie is more than 5 minutes)

2. Include the secret ingredient (optional)

3. Must be a new movie

4. Must be signed VanKino 01 at the end of it. Watch the movies posted to see what it looks like (the film makers own their movies, of course)

Note: Bring a data file of your movie if you want it to be included in the next VanKino DVD!

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