Flick at Video Blim!

I’ll be showing some looped installation video at this event at Video In. Come check it out… Video Blim is always a blast!

Blim and VIVO present:

Video-Blim: Psyched

@ VIVO: 1965 Main St.

Set the scene, light a mellow candle, lay deep on a shag and ride the mystic tide through illusions of the eye to see how the other half live in this sonic, plastic dimentia. The troll outside your door cuts clear light through the loud white noise of your hard times with his electric, silver music machine. You dig?

Gather your senses for the next thing… Video-Blim: Psyched. A night of sounds and sights dedicated to our lucid minds, our harsh realities and every channel in between.

Presenting music, videos, and performances by:

Crystalbeard Collective
Pshycic Shit
Tim Lucke and Ben Jacques present a flourescent epic comprised of Rambo haircuts melting into midget golf and dogs eyes. with some animated bits and a twist of lemon.

Hooliganship: Adventure
Christopher Doulgeris, Peter Burr

Flick Harrison
Small Tuxedo Blowjob Adventure
www.flickharrison.com | myspace.com/flickharrison | zeroforconduct.blogspot.com

Rhett Bice (Humboldt, CA)
Faraway Moving Objects
Minimal interpretations of subtle movement across richly textured landscapes.

Darwinkle the Great.
music share

The Yesterdais

sUbMarine blUes
David Leith, Lee Hutzuluk, and Toby Carroll explore the music of water from deep sea to bathtub toy, from ancient murk to liquid crystal.
www.davidleith.com | www.leehutzulak.com | www.liferaftrecords.com

Spoken Word
Josh Rose & Larissa Loyva present semantic saturation with special effects.

Nathan Holiday
Fab Dizzy R Us
Improvised piece for electric guitar and tape with live video from the founder and lead guitarist of the experimental music groups Tunnel Canary, Flash-Eyed Mama and The Flaming Eye Dinks and also founder of the Congo Helium Design Group.

Larissa Loyva

B.C.V.C.O. (british columbia voltage controlled oscillator)
Rick Smith, Jeremy Schmitt, Scott Gubbels, Daniel Presnell, Joshua Stevenson, & Richard F. present British Columbia’s newest analog synth ensemble!!!!

All funds raised are to help support VIVO and Blim develop cultural opportunities within the city of Vancouver. Please check our websites for more info…

More Info available at:

Video-Blim: Psyched

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