TIFF day 3

Oh my god, it’s hard to keep up. Even a slow day like today involves 3 parties or something. I actually had time to watch a film – Bobcat Goldthwait’s odd after-school special about a girl who blows a dog, called “Sleeping Dogs Lie.” So I’ll start slow with this picture from last night of an NDP sign in the local provincial by-election. No comment necessary.

This was on the same Parkdale corner where, during daylight hours, there was a cop standing around in a residential neighbourhood just leaning on a fence, waiting for something. I must admit, travelling the world far and wide I’ve never seen a cop just standing in a residential neighbourhood, doing nothing but wait, all alone. Odd.

Anyway, Cindy and I went to the Whistler Film Festival party (yes, the WFF has a party in Toronto) where many Vancouver folk were hanging around. I was beginning to feel blog-fatigue so I just took a picture of me with Roger Larry. Man, we look like freakin’ brothers or something.

As I say, this was a low-energy day and it’s all I can do to summon the blogging power to mention that Cindy and I talked to Bobcat and he kind of harrassed her from onstage for asking about a sequel to Shakes the Clown which is her favourite movie of all time. Apparently, she and her friend asked him about this 10 years ago and he blew off the idea in a similar fashion.

Cindy will kill me if I don’t post this picture of her with Bobcat so here it is. And just for the search engines, Cindy Wolfe and Bobcat Goldthwait.

Must go to bed. Tomorrow is the second screening of Monkey Warfare, let’s see how far the word has spread!
Goodnight from me and Chaka, who never ever shuts up.

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