Larry Kent’s The Hamster Cage banned in Shanghai

Just got this from Robert French, producer of Larry Kent’s new film, The Hamster Cage:

Dude — I thought you’d like this one: We were selected to play the Shanghai Int. Film Fest on May 5, which is one of only 11 “A-list” fests in the world. They got the consulate involved, offered hotel rooms, etc., so I book a flight, get my accreditation, am all ready to go to China, and they send an e-mail a few days ago that the film cannot be screened in China due to restrictive censorship rules.

The fest still wants me to go, and the consulate still has me booked for the parties…so off I go in a couple of weeks, maybe to never return…


* * * *
Ahhh, China.

I wonder if Google will block access to The Hamster Cage Website?

Oh my god – they DID.

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