unmanned aerial vehicle

Parrot Drone crash – SOLVED!… Pic Watchdog Emergency.

Had a crazy crash with my Parrot AR Drone while I was testing some ideas for the Parade of the Lost Souls (you can see my test footage at left).  This is how I assessed and fixed it. I hit a street light about 25 or 30 feet up. Down it came crashing. Why, oh […]

War Torn Man – new video with Rodney DeCroo

This is my new music video for Rodney Decroo! A good review in the Georgia Straight: “Let’s hope this collaboration between acclaimed (but not acclaimed enough) singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo and filmmaker Flick Harrison isn’t the last. ” When I first heard this song, I thought it was a fictional story about Iraq. But it’s actually […]

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