House of Seikilos

Theatre Terrific is a great little company in Vancouver that produces activist shows – both by working with performers and addressing issues that surround disability.

After I made this video for them to promote House of Seikilos, a show that combines the story of Agamemnon with Arthur Miller’s little-known, abandoned, mentally-handicapped son, I was singing the song for weeks. It happens to be the oldest fully-documented piece of music in history.

From the Theatre Terrific site:

The House of Seikilos is a contemporary twisted family voyage that bridges a Greek tragedy with a true modern tale of fateful decision. In Aeschylus’ The Orestaia, Agememnon the king had to choose to sacrifice or save his daughter in order for his army to sail into war. In the modern world, famous playwright Arthur Miller was gaced with a choice ti deny ot accept the disabled son at his birth. Based on these leaders’ dilemmas, The House of Seikilos explores the choice between embracing public honour or choosing the private honour of family.

Here are excerpts of a work-in-progress presentation, May 2, 2008 at the Vancouver Japanese United Church. The House of Seikilos cast are: Nigel Vonas (father), Tallulah Winkelman (mother), Nathan McNamee (child), Marylin Blandford (elder), Greg Labine (son), Cindy Angel (daughter). Auditions will be held in the Fall for the chorus.

The House of Seikilos premieres April 21 – 26 at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre.

Promo video by Flick Harrison