Flick writes for Momentum!

I finally got recruited to write for Momentum, the magazine for self-propelled people. I wrote a book review in each of their last two issues:

The Wheels of Chance
by HG Wells


Urban Biker’s Tips and Tricks
By Dave (Mr. Bike) Glowacz

Both pretty awesome books! I could go on about them here, one being Wells’ (surprisingly) non-sci fi about adventure and romance in the early days of cycling (they were the fastest thing on the road!) and the other, Mr. Bike’s handy guide for maximizing your bike awesomeness.

But the reviews are much more complete than whatever short blurb I write here, despite how useful it would be to draw google hits by saying Hoopdriver Hoopdriver Hoopdriver!

Check them out with the links above.

-Flick Harrison