Extraction is in the works

After two years of research and planning, Theatre Conspiracy is digging into the creation of the documentary-style play Extraction. Our international cast and team of theatre artists are in residence at The Cultch in Vancouver for the next couple of weeks to experiment before a work-in-progress presentation at Your Kontinent: Richmond International Film & Media […]

Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother – CBC News

Terry Milewski Politics Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother – Politics – CBC News. “Essentially, [this law] says that government agents may enter an ISP when they wish, without a warrant, and demand to see absolutely everything — including all data anywhere on the network — and to copy it all. If that […]

Conservatives mix up their con-job on new internet snooping bill

Fast-moving news today about the new internet surveillance law, bill C-30. Vic Toews, Canadian Public Safety Minister, has pulled the GW Bush card in the war against privacy: “You either stand with us, or you stand with the child pornographers.” He denies saying this, but here’s the video: In response, the anonymous Twitter user Vikileaks30 […]

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