Anonymoose at CineEco Film Festival in Portugal

anonymooseThe film I made with Catherine Falkner during a residency at Black Bag Media Collective in St John’s, Newfoundland is now in distribution with VIVO media arts, and the first screening from this relationship is happening at CineEco environmental film festival in Portugal in October (or as they say in Portugal, “outubro”!

The film, a surrealist propaganda movie against the spraying of Tordon 101 on Newfoundland’s highways, will show this week in Seia, Portugal in competition with other shorts.

Thanks to Liz Solo for making that residency happen…

Improvised Visuals with Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops

Jeff Younger’s Devil Loops

I’m doing my first live improvised visual performance with Jeff Younger and some amazing dancers and performers tomorrow night at the Orpheum Annex!


I’ll be playing with video from Ukraine, with live animation, and VJ-type live cams.  I feel like someone has taken a DJ and said “here’s a guitar!” which is pretty fun but also terrifying.  Come see me triumph or crash!  It will be a great event!

The event is produced by the Railtown Cultural Eclective…

– Flick


City in Song at the Museum of Vancouver

So a couple of great music videos I shot for the Loose Affiliation of Millionaires are now online!

I shot David Newberry and Jenny Ritter at the museum, singing songs that were inspired by the museum’s collection.

I had a great time.  I love music vids because even after editing them over and over, I still feel like watching them again.

There’s a live show with all the millionaires at the MOV this Saturday, February 1 at 7pm.  But meanwhile, you can listen to these…

Live Music Playlist from St John’s Newfoundland!

One of my missions in St John’s was to record as much live music as possible, for sharing with my friends and colleagues and for possible use in a future video installation / exhibition.  After two visits to Newfoundland over the decades, the amount of live music was what stuck with me the most.  Like, without leaving downtown, I shot 9 bands in a week and a half.

There’s something for everyone so by all means, skip through if something’s not to your taste…

The Black Bags play “Raining Hammers” at the Ship
The Faded Yellow Line at The Levee
City on the Coast plays “The Emperor of Japan” at Fred’s Records
Liz and Nat farting around at Black Bag Media Collective
Lunge at The Levee
Box playing “Helter Skelter” @ Trapper John’s
Blacky O’Leary at Kelly’s Pub
Salty Dolls live at the Ship
Pathological Lovers at The Ship

This was a residency with Catherine Falkner at the Black Bag Media Collective. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and Liz Solo.

War Torn Man – new video with Rodney DeCroo

This is my new music video for Rodney Decroo!

A good review in the Georgia Straight:

“Let’s hope this collaboration between acclaimed (but not acclaimed enough) singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo and filmmaker Flick Harrison isn’t the last. ”

When I first heard this song, I thought it was a fictional story about Iraq. But it’s actually the true story of Rodney’s dad after the Vietnam war.

I used the Collateral Murder video as my model for this, and I suppose I was thinking of the video for Brothers In Arms by the Dire Straits as well.


    War Torn Man – YouTube.


Passionflake – New Video for The Strange Magic

I haven’t posted this yet, so with their new CD release it’s probably a good time.

Music Video for The Strange Magic, from their new album “Songs to Burn.”

Shot at the Railway Club and Lamplighter Pub in Vancouver. The amazing archival footage comes from

Check them out at:

Canned Hamm video posted!

The new single from Canned Hamm is now my newest video.

Made this with the Hamms in the last couple of weeks. It was super fun!!!

Don’t forget to forward the link

And visit the YOUTUBE page to rate the video!!

This tune has to become a big gay dance club hit. I will renounce my membership in humanity if it doesn’t.


To get the embed code for this video, click HERE:

-by Flick Harrison