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Louis Laberge-Côté on SunTV and Margie Gillis

  On June 1, 2011, SunTV broadcast an interview with veteran Canadian dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis see link below, which quickly turned abusive towards the guest. In a message on his facebook page, Canadian dancer Louis Laberge-Côté, currently a teacher at Nationaltheatre Manheim in Germany, offered this assessment. In response to the Sun News […]

Michael Geist – Liberal MP Dan McTeague Emerges As Unofficial CRIA Spokesperson

by Flick Harrison Canada’s copyright battles are in a holding pattern while Canada stumbles through 3 successive minority governments in almost 7 years.  It’s a hot potato that won’t be sorted until someone has a safe majority to risk the bruising online guerre-a-outrance that would inevitably ensue. The Conservatives, now in power, really need their […]

Charles Adler: nonsensical smear

This article by Charles Adler is nonsense in form and content. It’s just wild ramblings trying to vaguely connect the Liberal party leadership handover to a criminal influence-peddling scheme. Never mind the addled writing style. It’s just plain smear, no real substance, just an excuse to wander through sentences that connect Dion, Ignatieff, Rae, and […]

Stephen Harper – the Conservative octopus

Enjoy and share! I thought it was high time we all remembered the crazy old days when Stephen Harper was baiting the public service, muzzling his subordinates and generally NOT wearing warm fuzzy sweaters. The new ad in which he talks about cracking down on crime in a soft, throaty voice reminded me of the […]

Is that a secret agenda in your pocket or are you just happy to C-10?

Are you folks following the Canadian tax credit censorship issue? Anyone looking for Harper’s secret agenda need look no further! Bill C-10, an amendment to the income tax act which runs hundreds of pages long, has 13 words in it that give the government the right to cancel tax credits for film productions unless “(b) […]

Saskatoon writer defends Taser killers

The Saskatoon Star-Pheonix published this rare and silly defense, by Les MacPherson, of the RCMP’s taser attack on Robert Dziekanski, the Polish guy at the Vancouver airport. Man’s lack of co-operation necessitated force I wrote him this email in response: Mr MacPherson, Your definition of resisting arrest is novel. Walking away = violent.

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