Inside the Burrard Bridge Stairwell

I’m doing the cinematography for a project with Josh Hite and Scott Billings, untitled for now. They are creating a machine to bring a camera up and down the center of the long-closed Burrard Bridge stairwell, in a repeatable spiral pattern.  Then actors will be performing gestures, scenes, and actions on the stairs, drawn from […]

A Canadian Perspective on Gloria’s Cause

In case there was any doubt that I really liked Dayna Hanson’s Gloria’s Cause, here’s proof how I was going on about it right after the show. A snippet from Jessie Smith’s post-show interview with Flick Harrison at Vancouver, B.C.’s PuSh Festival. Support Improvement Club, the film adaptation of Gloria’s Cause.

Gloria’s Cause knocks me out at the Push Festival

GLORIA’S CAUSE @ the Push Festival 2011 Gloria’s Cause is a knock-down drag-out fight between dance, movement, theatre, and rock, and the winner is We the People. If I had to help you get a grip on the show, I could call it a Rock Opera. Or I could say it’s as if Frank Zappa […]

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