"War is education - especially for the loser."
-Marshal MacLuhan.

 The corporatist state outlined by Mussolini's Third Way included labour, business and government building a Futurist paradise of permanent mechanical war - with an iron fist to smash all ideas outside the photo-op frame.

It could be said that the function of a fascist government is simply to enforce its own rule; resources dedicated to fighting crime, poverty or sickness are re-routed to crush dissent.  Weapons and armies are built to expand the government's jurisdiction.  New rules are invented to invade intimate spaces with fanciful constriction. 

Programs are a distraction; enforcement of power is central.  Privatization of government services, erosion of welfare institutions, reduction in funding to education, coupled with the New World Order of the post-Sept 11 security state - in which the intrusion of surveillance, the humiliation of arrest, the threat of brutal force replace all other social interactions - create a subtle new framework. 

Morality, as per Nietsche, is replaced with aesthetic conformity.  The New Fascist Aesthetic transcends Aryans in flashy jackboots with their preposterous goose-stepping.  Now it includes black fascists in Holland mourning their dead gay leaders.  How could white supremacists demand special treatment from a machine that drinks blood?

For those who reject fascism, the only fate is to be consumed by it, to have their bodies, minds, and ideology converted into spectacles of Victory.  For totalitarianism to confront rebel ideas would make hegemony disintegrate; the reiteration of rebel failure is the only argument necessary.  The ass-kickings in Grenada, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Nicaragua, and everywhere else are ends unto themselves; not simply distracting events but the substitution of Victory for real policy.

The audience at the Victory Party are manipulated and propagandized with the spectacle of rebels' defeat.  To borrow Debord: construction of victorious spectacles could form the entire fabric of Fascist social economy.  The remystification of the fourth wall - the brutal enforcement of disbelief suspension - turns citizens into frightened spectators, afraid to break the cycle of lies, seeing their prides, hopes and dreams dashed by proxy, over and over.