The Victory Party


"Our program is simply to rule.  People ask us for programs, but there are already too many.  It is not programs that are needed..., but men and willpower."
- Benito Mussolini

Patti Wotherspoon - Tristesse
David Garfinkle - Sgt
Jeff Flieler - Laliberte
Stephen Wittek - Stiefenrahl
Catherine Falkner - Maloney

Jen Cressey - Producer / Pm 
Flick Harrison - Director / Writer
Dwayne Christie - Art Producer
Jeff Carter Sound Recordist
Gwynne Fulton - DOP
Clancy Dennehy - 2nd Camera
Shelley MacDonald - AD / Fascist
Matt Pasch - Gaffer
Garrett Lalonde - Lighting
Jeff Carter - Sound
Suzanne Knutson - Makeup
     Lisa Marquardt - Makeup

Geoff Berner - Accordion
Mark Perrault - Evil Flyer Artist
Les Smith - Graphic Design

Anna Solidum - Gravy

Mural Painting - Susan Box
Jen Cressey
Dwayne Christie

Sound Equipment - Location Sound
Lights - Paladine
Camera - Video In

Party Guests:
Darren Atwater
Ted Baker
Roger Bois
Susan Box
Shawn Chapelle
Dwayne Christie
Lorill Crees
Jen Cressey
Rodney DeCroo
Kathryn Dingwall
Malanie Fearon
Darryl Gillingham
Dil Hildebrand
Lindsay Keegan
Shane Kelley
Chezlene Kocion
Norman Lalonde
Sean Lang
Doug Locke
Colin Mackenzie
Liz Ogilvie-Hindle
Mark Perrault
Albert Skitwatz
Leslie Smith
Anna Solidum
Mark Stafford
Mark Szabo
George Thuse
Colin Upton
Penelope Von Mulligan
Shane Wanless
Suzanne Ward
Karina Zeidler

Special Thanks to:
The Electric Company
Tom Snyders