sometimes they're blurry cause we had so much fun, eh? Thanks a lot to Hope Kubryn of Hope E. Promotions and Alex MacKenzie of the Blinding Light!!

These photos are mostly by Catherine Falkner - except the ones she's in!!


SDLM filmmaker Flick Harrison with show publicist Hope Kubryn of Hope E. Promotions

Flick with dad Dr. Warren Harrison and girlfriend Cathy Falkner of "Fingerpuppets by Lefty"

Friendly 'n' Enthusiastic actors Grace Bauer and Forbes Angus

Hot Toddy / Discorder Strut and Fret chica Penny Mulligan with Hot Toddy / Impudence impresario Jen Cressey and the immanent Roger Bois.

A late-night Cathy Falkner, 536 curator / writer / theory-geek Donato Mancini (who was later seen dancing with a coatrack), and some circular bread.

Ted Baker, whose blankie was murdered for the production of SDLM, with Flick

Video Madman Shawn Chapelle near the bitter end

A blurry photo of SDLM Cinematographer Jane Weitzel with Flick's dad Warren.

SDLM folk singer David Parsons with Flick, Mike, and Flick's dad

Flick with dad at the Blinding Light zine rack

Flick with Tyler of Slickety Jim's Chat'n'Chew and Flick's dad.

Flick near the end of the evening.