America's Army: A Poem for Search Engines

America's Army

a poem for search engines

By Flick Harrison, filmmaker dude


America's Army!
Proud Free! Free World! Freedom Democracy!
State Terror Dangerous Destructive
America's Weapons of Mass Destruction!
United States of America
America's Army, America's Army
Invasion of Korea, Invasion of Vietnam, Invasion of Granada, Invasion of Panama, Invasion of El Salvador, Invasion of Phillipines, Invasion of Hawaii
Invasion of Afghanistan, Invasion of Iraq, Invasion of British North America (Invasion of Canada) Invasion of Mexico
OH! Invasion of most of Latin America by name.
Depleted Uranium causes cancer in enemy, friend, civilians.
Invasion, destruction, genocide,
State Terror, counterterrorism
Experts at invasion
Secret Biological Weapons
Coup D'Etats are not efficient
Rogue State:
America's Army


America's Army!
Bad food, bad pay
Expendable cannon fodder
Gulf War Syndrome,
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Shell Shock
Combat Fatigue
Campus Shooting Psychopath
Training the Sniper, Washington, D.C. Sniper
Veterans homelesss,
Homeless veterans.
Victims Victims Victims